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Welcome to Favorite Travel Kamchatka

Tours to the Far East of Russia with the travel company
"Favorite Travel Kamchatka"

     The tour company "Favorite Travel Kamchatka" was founded in 2015 as a tour operator acting in Kamchatsky region (Far Eastern peninsula of Russian Federation). Our company is put in the Unified Federal Register of Tour Operators by the Federal Tourism Agency by  No PTO 016467.

       Our coordinated itineraries include planning, hotel reservations, transport and logistical support. 

     We organize multi-days combined and walking tours as well as one/two day excursion programs in Kamchatka such as: active volcano climbing, off-road and road-based excursions to various destinations across the peninsula, boat trips and rafting tours, snowmobile tours, dog sledding excursions, culture and ethnic trips and so much more. Travelling with us you not only admire the wild nature of Kamchatka, but also to get to know about its history and the way of living of its indigenous people. Our experienced guides will accompany you to the most attractive places of the region and will tell you about the peculiarities of construction and functioning conditions of the volcanoes and geysers.

     We also offer tailor-made trips for group travellers and private tours for individuals. You may also compile the desired route yourself using our basic units.


     Choose among the most popular tours:

The valley of geysers Avachinsky volcano Collage
Helicopter flight to The Valley of Geysers
and Uzon caldera
Climbing Avachinsky volcano Kamchatka's main attractions in 15 days

     Choose among the tours according to your travel period:

Summer - fall Winter tours New yaer vacation
Tours in summer and autumn  Tours in winter and in spring New Year vacation in Kamchatka

     or make your choice according to your hobbies:

Fishing Heli-ski Camp in Tolbachik region
Fishing on Kamchatka rivers Heli-ski tours Multy-days combined tours


 Forget about your everyday life!
Come, experience Kamchatka, enjoy its charming scenery and culture and we shall take care of the details!





If you have any questions contact us by phones or via Whatsapp: +7-924-891-24-79,   +7-929-456-98-63,

or e-mail us to:

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