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Summer-autumn tours - Summer-autumn tours

Tours around Kamchatka in summer and autumn

   The best time to visit Kamchatka is from the end of June till the end of September


One-/ two-days trips / excursions Trekking tours Rafting & Fishing Complex multi active tours
Volcanoes climbing Trekking to Nalychevo nature park
(7 days)
Rafting on the Bystraya (Malkinskaya) river (1 day) Introduction of Kamchatka
(7 days)
Helicopter excursions The Pacific ring
(classical 13 days' route)
Rafting on the Bystraya river
(2 days)
9 days' 
trip around Kamchatka

Sea excursions Trekking to Nalychevo nature park + climbing Avachinsky volcano
(14 days)
Rafting on the Kamchatka river Volcanoes, rivers and bears
of Kamchatka
(10 days)
Automobile excursions
and off-road trips
Trekking around Klyuchevskaya volcano group (Bezymyanny and Tolbachik volcanoes) Rafting on the Avacha river 12 days'
trip around Kamchatka
Horse-riding Trekking to The Valley of Geysers (5 days) River and sea fishing
in Kamchatka
(7 days)
Three Elements
(13 days)
Ethnographical excursions     Kamchatka’s main attractions
in 15 days
      The great Kamchatka travel
(18 days)
      Kamchatka complete
(23 days)
      Expedition cruise to Commander islands



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or e-mail us to:

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