Favorite Travel Kamchatka

As an organizer of the multi-days combined and walking tours as well as one/two day excursion programs in Kamchatka (Far Eastern region of Russia), we present active volcano climbing, off-road and road-based excursions to various destinations across Kamchatka, helicopter excursions, boat trips, snowmobile tours, dog sledding excursions, culture and ethnic trips. We offer tailor-made trips for group travellers and private tours for individuals.

 Our coordinated itineraries include planning, hotel reservations, transport and logistical support.

The service of our company is characterized by being flexible and creative in the design of itineraries, that’s why we are diligent in the selection of our transport personnel, interpreters, guides and all the persons involved in the operation.

Forget about your everyday life! Come, experience Kamchatka, enjoy its charming scenery and culture and we shall take care of the details!